• Discover Berlin

    Berlin is an extraordinary city reflecting the checkered history of Europe and the ups and downs of German history in an impressive, unprecedented way. Architectural legacies and contemporary transformations create a cityscape devoid of disguising harsh ruptures and scars.

  • Berlin is more than an open history book. Berlin is young, creative, exciting and constantly reinventing itself. The spirit of an ambitious, modern metropolis fused with almost provincial atmospheres in a variety of different neighborhoods, a clash of social contrasts and disaccords in a milieu of tolerance and ignorance. Diverse life designs and convictions coexist in more or less peaceful, shared environments. It is this special blend that brings forth the spirit and unique zest of Berlin.
  • Wandering on special paths

    It is our goal to offer tourists and residents of Berlin a diverse variety of thematically challenging guided tours. Our guides invite you to join them in explorations of spaces beyond the familiar – less prominent sights exemplary for Berlin’s turbulent history and well worth a second glance. Each tour is an educational expedition dedicated to a particular aspect of the complex cosmos Berlin.

  • Discover new and unknown facets of Berlin with us! We want to sensitize you to the specifics of this city, confront you with its contradictions, inspire you to take a closer look and provide you with firsthand impressions as well as intriguing background knowledge. Every single tour is a unique, sensual experience interested in spurring an ongoing dialog.