• »As a museum pedagog, I love sharing my knowledge and insight with others. I would like to introduce you to the many layers of this exciting city’s history, some of the many extraordinary personalities it has given birth to and open your eyes for the omnipresent relicts and legacy of its past. In short, I would like to sensitize you to the intriguing particularities of Berlin.«
    At the age of 13, the Northern Hesse born Tobias Schwabe visited West Berlin – then still encircled by the Wall – for the first time and fell in love with it. (A love still going strong.) After studying at the academy for fine arts in Hamburg and museology in Leipzig, he followed his heart and settled in Berlin.
  • Spring 2012 – finally! By founding SONDERWEG-BERLIN, Tobias Schwabe realizes a long-cherished wish: a company offering challenging, high-level guided tours to both visitors and Berliners with a strong focus on the social, urban and architectural history Berlin is infused with.